Wealth Transfer

ARE_005LThe last phase of a lifetime financial plan is called Wealth Transfer.  It is not an easy matter to leave wealth to family or to others we choose without considerable wealth erosion.  Entire wealth estates have been dramatically reduced because of the lack of wealth transfer planning.  The estate tax laws are not friendly when one dies without proper planning.  Estate taxes, income taxes, legal fees, accounting fees, appraisals, penalties, sales charges, and forced sale of assets are all situations that are threatening to confiscate your wealth and cause tremendous frustration and distress to already grieving heirs.

The Wealth Maximization Group provides the framework for a smooth and efficient transition of wealth while minimizing erosion and maximizing the ability to completely control and enjoy the assets.



  • Income Taxes
  • Lost Opportunity Costs
  • Restrictions
  • Inflation
  • Penalties
  • Market Fluctuations
  • Life Mortality
  • Lawsuits and More…
  • Reduce Income taxes
  • Avoid Lost Opportunity Costs
  • Reduce Market Risks
  • Increase Rates of Return
  • Reduce or Avoid Penalties or Charges
  • Reduce or Avoid Restrictions and Loss of Control
  • Provide Long Term Financial Security